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Bare Boat Escapades

Hire a Classic Punt and captain your own watercraft on the Grand River. Explore the calm waters of the Elora Mill dam above the Tooth of Time waterfalls, to Bissell Park with its shaded beaches, mill race, 12 foot dam and cascading waterfall.

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Find your 20 foot English Punt / Gondola waiting for you down at the Boardwalk in downtown Elora. We will teach you how to punt / pole, row and/or paddle before you board your self-steered bareboat. Together with 7 additional members of your family, friends or colleagues, you can then journey upstream past a couple of islands to a cascading waterfall. And after playing in the white-water there, you can drift downstream and pass through the Tunnel of Time that consists of overhanging cliffs with 400 million year old fossils.

One hour Bareboat Escapades are available throughout daylight hours from May 15th to September 15th (closed Mondays)

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