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Friends of the River
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Join the Volunteer-Ship Program for training opportunities as an Intern, Midshipsman, Boatswain, or Shipmaster. Achieve Commander, Captain, Commodore or Admiral status. You volunteer your time on the water and in the Club House, and we volunteer our expertise, facilities and equipment. To show our appreciation even more, we offer a huge array of rewards to make it worth your while.

  • Gift Certificate discounts
  • Skills Workshops and Seminars, based on your time volunteered
  • Free Memberships for your family, based on your time volunteered
  • Free use of watercraft, facilities and equipment when not booked
  • and much more...

If you are ready to volunteer, just download our short application form and answer a few questions. If you'd like to learn more before you do, read about Working for Us, review our Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) or get in touch by phone, email or in person at the Boardwalk, we'd love to chat!

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