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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you have Volunteers and a Volunteer-Ship Program?

ERR has developed a Volunteer-ship Program to meet a number of important inter-connected needs – needs of our local community, and needs of our own operation – in a socially responsible, pro-active, coordinated and effective way.

The creation of a sustainable cash reserve through savings in various costs will help fund ERR's Stewardship of the River Program, and its volunteer-inspired community improvement program benefits the environment and community alike. Volunteers will also be able to help each other through such ERR funded initiatives as a Volunteer Fund (to be used to fund training, travel and scholarships) and an I-Trade Kind & Barter Program (to be used to exchange services or chattels in kind or barter). By respecting one’s environment and by empowering one’s community through Volunteers, everyone concerned benefits. Finally, the savings in labor costs will also help us in the manufacture of our custom-designed classic punts and in the provision of our raft rides and adventures to ERR customers, thanks to Volunteers efforts.

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