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Working for us

Wanted : Volunteers - Rewards Offered

Elora Raft Rides is looking for Volunteers to help us get off the ground (...and on the River!). The ideal time commitment would be 2-3 hours in a day, but if you are willing to devote more time, we will do everything we can to make it worth your while.

The key positions to be filled by Volunteers include: an Intern, an Apprentice, an Assistant Boat Builder, a Town-Crier, a Guide (e.g. an enthusiast providing narrative about local tourism, ecology, or history), and a Pilot-Chauffeur (i.e. punter / captain).

River navigation is a true specialization with wonderful benefits. We recognize, however, that one can’t volunteer forever, so we are creating a program to transition some Volunteer positions into conventional paid jobs based on desire, merit and competency in the skills and safety that being on the water demands.

To join ERR’s Volunteer-Ship Program, prospective Volunteers must, 1) fill in a Volunteer Application Form; 2) review a Volunteer Information Package (detailing such things as roles/positions, safety, training, expectations, and rewards); 3) have an interview; 4) sign some paperwork for insurance etc.; and finally, 5) participate in our orientation and training.

Interested candidates can better understand the details by referring to the Volunteer-Ship Program.

Wanted : Co-Workers

If you're interested in working for us, please forward your resume to

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