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for your Piloted Safari

If your group can fill a boat, great! If you are fewer than eight, then you'll meet other delightful and adventurous people like yourself who are curious about the River. We will pilot the punt an arm's length from the overhanging limestone cliffs and cedar trees, and drift back downstream past riverside patios of local restaurants often featuring live music. You will pass under the town's main bridge and linger around the upper waters of the Elora Mill dam just above the Tooth of Time waterfalls and the beginning of the Elora Gorge. Disembark at the Boardwalk at the end of the ride, and enjoy the amenities of our River Club & Dining facilities.

Piloted safaris or captained shared-boat rides are designed to accommodate adventure seeking passengers unable or unwilling to captain their own vessels (e.g. seniors, children, special needs customers, non-boaters) by supplying a pilot-captain. His/her job is to ferry you safely on a pre-determined tour of the Grand River as if you were on an adventure safari providing you with memorable information regarding this unique town and river. Should you appreciate their guiding services, gratuities given in person to your pilot-captain would be most welcomed.

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