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for your Bare Boat hire

Captain your Bare Boat Classic Punt yourself with friends, family or colleagues as passengers. Embark at our Boardwalk Hire location and travel upstream where you can go ashore, have a picnic, feed the swans or play in the whitewater. Then drift down-stream under overhanging lime-stone cliffs and cedar trees, linger by the riverside patios of local restaurants featuring live music, the town bridge and the Elora Mill Inn. Disembark at our Boardwalk and enjoy the amenities of our River Club & Dining facilities.

Our custom designed and locally fabricated punts will seat eight people. You can pole, scull, row or paddle any vessel - it doesn't take specialized boating experience, just a willingness to try.

Bareboat hire is designed for customers able and willing to captain their own vessel. Only adults 18 years of age or older may captain a Bare Boat hire. All members of the party must be acquainted with the designated captain (e.g. be family members, co-workers, colleagues or friends), and unanimously affirm and consent to the designated adult acting as their captain due to insurance regulations.

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